Indian Community School of Milwaukee


Grandfather Teachings

August 26, 2016

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Community Feast 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Indian Community School

10405 W. St. Martins Rd., Franklin WI


 Traditional Teachings for families living in today’s civilized world 

Teachings to be provided by

Dr. Edward Benton-Banai/Bawdwaywidun Banaise, Grand Chief of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge, and author of “The Mishomis Book - Voice

of the Ojibway,” which gave voice to the “Seven Grandfather Teachings,” which are now widely known and used throughout the world.


2016 2017 ICS Native Language Program Update

A few aspects will be changed school-wide that we wanted to make you all aware of. In our efforts to really focus on Native Language instruction and acquisition, we will be making some changes to how Native Language instruction will occur.

K4, K5 & 1st Grade

Beginning this year, the Native Language teachers will go into the K4, K5 & 1st grade classrooms for a period of time and infuse language instruction right into what is being taught in the classroom.  Also all K4, K5 & 1st grade students will be exposed to all the Native Languages taught at Indian Community School. This change takes into account what was shared by students, families and others through the listening sessions we conducted during the 2015-2016 school year all across the state of Wisconsin. We also reviewed second language acquisition research that shows the positive impact of learning multiple languages on young children.

2nd-8th Grade 

Students in 2nd-8th grade will continue to focus on learning a single language. 6th-8th grade students Native Language programming will be intensified and we will begin to build level one of a three leveled program for Native Language instruction & acquisition. The goal is to build a program that includes a beginner level, and two additional levels where students will be assessed to move onto the next level.  Future goals include building a Native Language program where our students could earn language credits they could use towards their high school requirements. 

This is a very exciting time at ICS, particularly in terms of Native Language instruction. However, our Native Language & Culture team is not complete. One of the things we have been doing has been trying to recruit a new Menominee Language & Culture teacher. Our former Menominee Language & Culture teacher will not be returning for the 2016-2017 School Year.  Besides posting the position across the state and in tribal newspapers/communities, some of our efforts have also included:

  • We have reached out to the Menominee Nation and in particular to Mr. Ron Corn Jr.  and Mr. Joey Awonohopay, two gentlemen who have played an incredible role in Menominee Language & Culture preservation and education. Knowing that the Menominee Nation just certified some Menominee Language teachers through their certification program and that often people do not want to leave the reservation, discussions have begun about the possibility of distance learning as well.
  • Ms. Monae Warrington, UWM undergraduate student has also shared some Menominee Language resources with ICS; the resources include multiple copies of a Menominee Language dictionary, Menominee Language booklets and audio CDs Volumes 1 & 2.

We apologize that we do not have a Menominee Language & Culture teacher in place at this time. We will continue with our recruiting efforts and our discussions with Mr. Ron Corn, Jr. and Mr. Joey Awonohopay in the hopes of having something in place by second semester.

For the first semester, 2016-2017 2nd-8th grade students who were enrolled in Menominee Language class during the 2015-2016 school year will be placed in either Ojibwe or Oneida Language class. We have sent notification to families requesting their input on this. 

Lastly, if you know of anyone who may be interested in applying, please have them apply via the school website, and/or contact Ms. Bonnie Thielecke, ICS Human Resources Director at 414-525-6134 or by email at

We will keep families posted and want to say yaw^ko to each and every one of you for choosing Indian Community School.


Amy L. Tromp, Principal                                                              Jason P. Dropik, Associate Principal


Mission Statement

The Indian Community School dedicates itself to provide each child in our care with the best educational opportunities to develop spiritually, morally, emotionally, physically, socially, artistically and intellectually in order to achieve the child's greatest personal and community potential.


Core Values

Core Values are gifts from the Creator that express the Indian philosophy of life through fundamental convictions, collective beliefs and exemplary character.  Among the many Core Values given by the Creator, the Indian Community School experience focuses on:

Bravery, Humility, Love, Loyalty, Respect, Truth & Wisdom

Vision Statement

The Indian Community School develops lifelong community leaders who inspire others throughout the Circle of Life. With excellence and commitment, ICS serves urban American Indian students and their families so that each student develops the skills and knowledge to sustain a healthy balance of American Indian culture, academic achievement, and a sense of identity through indigenous teachings and ways of learning.