Dianna Repetti
Art Teacher
Phone: 414-525-6125

   Greetings Families and Communtiy of ICS, 

        We are off to another great start in the Art clasroom, since we have returned form the winter break.    It is so wonderful to see all of the students excitment about the recent projects we are undertaking.   Here is a brief description of what I am are covering  with our youngest of students .         

    K4-   We have just started one of my favorite art lessons.   It involves working with Model Magic a great clay substance that is easy roll, flatten and stretch!  Such great exploration for little hands.   We are creating a flat shape that we will texturize and eventually paint and add  wooden geometric shapes to with a bit of wire and beads.   

   K5-   We have been talking about names of geometric shapes, in art.  For the students and teachers,  it is a way to bring the math concepts into the art classroom.  We are well on our way to creating our geometric shape sculpture.   The students seem excited about creating a 3-D sculpture with flat shapes.   I am excited to see all of the different possibilities. 

   Grade1-  The students are learning about color and color groups or families.    It is our first step to thinking beyond color names.   This week we talked about the Primary and Secondary color groups or families.   The students spent some of there time mixing Primary colors to create Secondary colors.  We are finishing up by creating a painting with all 6 colors.   

First grade art focuses on new words and concepts.  On one hand,  it is a way to bring vocabulary into the art classroom.   With line we learned horizontal, diagonal and vertical.  With shape we learned about Geometric and Free form shapes.   For color we have learned primary and secondary and the meanings behind both! 

In a week or two we will focus on warm and cool color groups and then it will be off to weaving with those color families....

  If you have any questions or concerns,  I can be reached at the Indian Community School.    My phone number is 525- 6125, and email is repetti_d@ics-milw.org

Thank you,

Dianna Repetti