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4th Grade Teacher
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Hello!  My name is Jacob Jones.  This is my 14th year at ICS and 11th year in teaching the 4th grade.  I recieved my bachelors degree in elementary education from The University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse.  I have recentlhy recieved my masters degree from Concordia University in administration.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

October 2015

Reading: We have recently finished the novel Bunnicula.  This is a fun story about a rabbit who is a vampire.  We have now moved onto reading the Birchbark House.  This story is about a 7 year old Ojibwe girl and a year in her life.  We have read numerous shorter stories, and the students have been challenged to read for 50,000 minutes outside of school to earn a sledding/hot chocolate party before Winter Break.

Math: We have completed units one (multiplication and division rules) and two (solving patterns).  We are now moving onto topic 3 which deals with place value.  Students should be working outside of school to master their basic facts as this will help them greatly when we get to long division and fractions.

Science:  We are working with magnets and their different properties


Social Studies: We are learning about Wisconsin's place in the world.  We will moving onto studying how glaciers have shaped and changed Wisconsin.

Health:   Students are studying the differnt body systems.