Technology Facts— Media Use by Tweens & Teens


The following is information from a study done by Common Sense Media on the amount of time tweens and teenagers spend using media. To read the entire study go to the link below on the Common Sense Media website.

On any given day, American teenagers (13-18 year olds) average about nine hours (8:56) of entertainment media use, excluding time spent at school or for homework.

Tweens (8-12 year olds) use an average of about six hours (5:55) worth of entertainment media daily.

Entertainment media includes – TV, movies, online videos, playing video game, using social media, using the Internet, listening to music


Top Media Activities by Age

Percent who enjoy this activity “a lot”

Among Tweens

Among Teens

Watching TV 61%

Listening to music 73%

Listening to music 54%

Watching TV 45%

Playing video games 52%

Watching online videos 45%

Playing mobile games 51%

Playing video games 42%

Watching online videos 46%

Using social media 36%


Percent who do this activity “every day

Among Tweens

Among Teens

Watch TV 62%

Listen to music 66%

Listen to music 37%

Watch TV 58%

Play mobile games 27%

Use social media 45%

Read 27%

Watch online videos 34%

Watch online videos 24%

Play mobile games 27%


Other Facts

  • Nearly 2/3 of teens say they don’t think watching TV (63%), Texting (64%), or using Social Media (55%) while doing homework makes any difference to the quality for their work.
  • Only 3% of tweens & teens digital media time is spent on content creation.
  • Only 10% or teens choose social media as their favorite media activity.
  • Teen boys average 56 minutes per day playing video games comparted to just 7 minutes for girls.
  • Teens from lower-income families spend an average of 2:45 more with media per day than teens from higher-income families.


"The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens | Common Sense Media." The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens | Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media, Nov. 2015. Web. 04 Nov. 2015. <>.



ICS Students & Staff are using Google Tools.  These tools will allow students and staff to be more productive, collaborate with others, and integrat

GooglDocs & Drive - is a word processing software, similar to Microsoft Office Products.  Students can write papers, create slideshow presentations & work with spreadsheets and forms.  Google Drive is where these docucments are stored. This allows students to access their work from any computer with internet access.  It also allows students to collaborate and work with others.  Instead of waiting for a student to turn in a draft of writing, teachers can access student work and give them feedback throughout the enitre process. Students can also share and work with other students or even share their work with parents.  

Google Mail (G-mail) - Students in grades 3rd-8th will be given an ICS G-mail account.  This e-mail will be for school use only. Teachers and staff will be monitoring and working with students to make sure they are using it appropraitly.  This will allow students to use Google Docs, Drive, Apps, and other technology resources that require an e-mail account.

Chromebooks -  We will now have two carts for Chromebooks.  One upstairs for 6th, 7th & 8th grade students, and one downstairs for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.  This will allow more students to have access to computers in their classroom.  

Using Google Drive on a Tablet or Smartphone - If you want to use Google on a tablet or Smartphone you must download the Google Drive App. If you want to edit or type on a document you must also download the Google Docs App.  All of these apps are free for Apple or Android devices.